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June 17: Page 675

Updated Mon/Fri

New to Haru-Sari? Start from chapter 1 here.

June 17: Page 675
Sorry about the little delay. This marks the end of Chapter 33: Phobia. I need to take a short break, so the next chapter will begin on June 28th. I will be updating the ask blog in the meantime, though.

June 14: Page 674
Still not very good at drawing cars. One of these days I'll get off my artistic butt and do a "draw 100 cars from life this month" thing.

June 10: Page 673
The SFX in the last panel is supposed to be car tires on gravel.

June 7: Page 671, 672
This is the last two-page update I'm doing in a while. Hope you enjoy! And check out the tumblr blog if you haven't already; we're getting some good questions, and I'm posting answers with pictures.

June 3: Page 669, 670
Another two-page update. Woo!

Haru-Sari now has an ask blog on tumblr. Go check it out! It's currently a little empty, but I'm hoping to post some answers and tweak the layout over the next few days. So help me do that and ask questions! As stated on the blog, the questions may be directed at me, or at any of the characters.

May 30: Page 667, 668
Two pages, and posted one day ahead of schedule! No, this isn't a dream... oh wait, it is.

May 27: Page 666
Something's a little odd here, isn't it?

May 24: Page 665
A rather calming image considering the chapter title. We will see how the imagery fits into the theme of fears. :)

May 17: Page 664
Thus ends Chapter 32: Freebie. The chapter title was much more obvious initially; there was a title drop in the version of the "hostile ending" dialogue. Now it's all mysterious, although not quite irrelevant! Can you guess what it's referring to?

May 13: Page 663
Very happy with how the top panel came out; it captures the mood perfectly, and reflects the turmoil and the changes in these characters and their dynamics.

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